The Joyful Mysteries of Childbirth

A Faith-based, Practical Approach to Childbirth

A Faith-based, Practical Approach to Childbirth

Here, for the first time, is a brief and highly readable resource to guide you—body & soul—through your child-bearing years.

This faith-based, holistic approach will help you discover a joy-filled pregnancy, birth, and post-partum experience. Combining up-to-date reserach with the timeless truths of the Bible, this book provides a unique resource for mothers-to-be. You’ll be inspired like never before with insights from the the birth of Jesus as told in Luke’s Gospel.

Whether you are preparing for a first birth or are an experienced “birther,” this little book promises to give you confidence and understanding well beyond its small size. With a unique scope and thought-provoking reflections, it’s a book moms won’t want to be without.

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Pages 134
Binding Paperback and e-book
Contents Introduction, 6 chapters, Appendix (birth stories), Glossary, Bibliography, Endnotes
ISBN 978-1-300-13531-9 (print)
Weight 0.56 lbs.
Dimensions 6" wide x 9" tall

Faye DiGabriele Deptuch is the mother of 7 grown children, 21 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. She lives in West Virginia where she practices midwifery. You can reach her at

Marlene Waechter has been attending home births since 1973. She has seven children (five of whom were born at home) and fourteen grandchildren. You can reach her at

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